MBUG November General Meeting
WEDNESDAY, November 8, 2017 – 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Hilltop Park Center
871 Jessie Street, Monterey
FREE to MBUG Members and the General Public

As we gather for what may well be the final official general meeting of MBUG-PC, we are fortunate to have one of our outstanding contributors return as the featured speaker. Mike Wecker, owner of Carmel Computers, will lead our discussion at the November general meeting to update us on common computer software and operating issues that are faced by users at all levels of experience, including preventing ransomware intrusion, using various backup techniques, and restoring from an “image” file.

Wecker has been a frequent speaker at MBUG and always provides a valuable and interesting question-and-answer session, presenting problems currently faced by his customers and discussing solutions and strategies. His open-ended approach allows audience members to give their input, so come prepared with your questions! If you want to present questions in advance for the meeting, contact Mike at mwecker@carmelcomputers.com.

Wecker has been operating Carmel Computers in Carmel Valley since April 1999, providing software and hardware sales and repairs and training. Prior to that, he worked with Linda Sandidge at Central Coast Computers in Carmel from 1997-1999, doing sales and tech work, and before that, he was the purchasing manager at PC People from 1994-1997. Always a person with many community activities, he is also the regular Drummer for Paper Wing Theatre.

Originally from Georgia, Mike has spent most of his life in Pacific Grove, Monterey, and Marina, and since 1999, in Cachagua in upper Carmel Valley.