MBUG November General Meeting
WEDNESDAY, November 11, 2015 – 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Canterbury Room, Canterbury Woods
651 Sinex Avenue, Pacific Grove
FREE to MBUG Members and the General Public

Are PCs becoming obsolete? Many people find they are using their smartphones almost exclusively for many tasks previously done on their PCs. A recent report from Kleiner Perkins (venture capitalist in Menlo Park who invests in information technologies) shows that smartphones now exceed PCs for everyday Internet usage.

Smartphones allow you to do almost everything a PC can do—and they can make calls as well. Are smartphones replacing tablets? Will smart phones themselves be replaced in the next revolution of computer development? At the November meeting, MBUG Board member Norma Dunipace will discuss these issues and present some survey results on how people today are using their PCs and their smart phones.

The presentation will include how computers have evolved and some statistics about where we are today. What do current users expect from their computers/Internet devices? Are personality traits of the next generation partially driving the development? What do the experts such as Walt Mossberg think? Is there technology available that allows us to turn our smartphones into mini PCs and use them for productivity work?

Norma Dunipace retired in 2007 as Manager of Technology Licensing and Industry Sponsored Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Her computer use includes a desktop, a couple of laptops, an iPad, and an iPhone, and she writes “I am not a computer expert, but I need them to do the things that interest me. I find I am doing more and more on my phone simply because it is convenient.”

Looking to the future, Dunipace notes that although membership in MBUG is still strong, it has been declining and aging in recent years and that Club Mac of Monterey has ceased to operate; she asks, “Should we broaden our interests?” This promises to be an interesting discussion that has implications for MBUG’s direction in the coming year. Come join us!

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